Personal Training



24-Month Contract: $52.95 per month [AUTO-WITHDRAW ONLY/$200 CANCELLATION FEE]

12-Month Contract: $57.95 per month [AUTO-WITHDRAW ONLY/$100 CANCELLATION FEE]

Month-to-Month: $62.95 per month

$49 INITIATION FEE: Applied once unless membership lapses for more than 6 months.
Includes a 1-hour personal training orientation [highly recommended].

1-Day Pass: $20 [Full gym use]

Drop in Class Pass: $10 [For class use only]

5-Day Class Punch Card: $45 [For class use only]

10-Day Class Punch Card: $85 [For class use only]

CANCELLATION POLICY: $100 on 1-year contract/$200 on 2-year contract

FREEZE POLICY: See membership contract for options.

AGES 12-17: Must see a personal trainer before working out alone.

SHORT TERM MEMBERSHIPS: We offer daily, monthly, weekly, and punch card passes.


Working with one of our certified training staff is a great way to meet your fitness goals.

We will produce an effective training routine that is relevant to your goals, fitness level, and schedule.

Your trainer will take you through your workout, making sure that you’re exercising safely and effectively.

Stop by the front desk for scheduling and rate information.